Please note- If you want, you can become a member and save $5 on your entry. Go here to become a member on Paypal.  Or you can download the membership form and mail to: MVAG, P.O Box 3083, Montrose, CO 81402.

On-Line Registration Form Steps:

Fill Out the Online form.

Be sure to have a pen handy to add up your  total amount as you go to put in the final amount at the bottom.  

Be sure to double check  each form entry before submitting.  If there is a field you must enter but you do not have the information (such as a phone number), please just put NONE. 

  • Title cannot exceed 25 characters.  ALSO DO NOT PUT TITLES IN QUOTATION MARKS.
  • Must have one regular entry to qualify for the special theme entry
  • 4th entry must comply with the show theme


At the end of the form be sure to click type of payment: PayPal or Pay by Check.  Don’t forget to click the submit button! Hit submit before selecting pay pal.

2. If you want a copy of your entry form , right click on mouse, select  “print page” or  “ctrl p”.

3. If you are paying by PayPal , hit submit before selecting PayPal. Follow special instructions below the registration form. Note: Transaction will show up as Paypal on your credit card or bank statement not MVAG.

4. Download Artist ID Label  to attach to the back of your entries.

Questions:  Call Debbie 970-835-3052

Your entry is not official until your PayPal payment has been processed or your check is received. You will be notified if payment is not received.  Make sure you have indicated on the registration form whether you are a member or non-member.

This form is closed


Pay Pal Instructions: Please go to MVAG Welcome Page and use tab labeled “Pay Pal Payment Page for Art Exhibit” to pay with Paypal or a Credit Card. You can pay for both the registration and the Gift Shop Option at this page.


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