Member Portfolios

With the shift to a new web site , the Board will be reconsidering what possibilities are open for Member Galleries can be offered on this site. However,  below are members who paid for web space through March 2016.

Also here are links to other member web sites.

Sombrero Ranches working ranch
Sombrero Ranch Barb Young
Ride Through The Trees
Carol Rogers
Carol Rogers

You can purchase your own gallery for $25 a year. We will be adding new details on this as this new site is activated.

Here are examples of two Guild artists who purchased them for this year

Carol Rogers

Barb Young

The old rules were as such

This was the 2015 old informatuion . We will be modifying it to fit this new format:

Add your member portfolio

The MVAG gives you the opportunity to have your art on the Internet for

only $25.00 per year, making you eligible to appear in the featured random

member selection on the MVAG website home page.


Images from member portfolios appearing in the randomly featured selection are linked to your portfolio so that anyone clicking an image will then see your portfolio.

You’ll have your own page with your bio or artist statement, 4 art images,

and your photo image.


If you want additional images, up to two more for

a total of six images may be added for an additional $2.50 per year each.

Use this link to upload your images. These may be changed whenever you

wish for no additional fee.

We can set up your images with links to your “” business

account and your “” account (Let us know if you want

assistance in setting these up. You will not believe how simple it is to do


Just email your bio or artist statement and images


San Juan Websites will invoice each artist directly by email.

You can also call us at 970-626-3212.

If you’re interested in promoting your

art, this is the best bargain available,




serving artists in the Montrose area